Friday, December 2, 2011

literary wallpaper

Friends of ours walked into our new apartment a few months ago and commented on all of our books. They said we had turned owning books into a decorating style, and it’s true. There are books in almost every room of our apartment (which is only four-ish rooms total, but still). I am a librarian, so books are near and dear to my heart, but our abundance of literary fodder can be attributed to my bookish husband and his propensity for collecting classics and other beloved reads. I tease him about this, about how we will soon need a storage unit just to hold his growing book collection. But secretly I love all of his books. It’s like having a lending library right in our own home! And I admire and respect his love of good literature. He is also extremely thrifty. He will not buy a book unless it is under $2. He is a regular at library book sales, especially $5/bag days. And I must admit, books actually make for nice decorating.