Monday, December 5, 2011

way out west

Today I miss Montana. More specifically I miss Glacier National Park. My husband worked there the two summers after I first met him, and I joined him for his third summer after we graduated from college. We volunteered for an incredible organization called A Christian Ministry in the National Parks, which provides church services to guests and employees in the park on Sunday mornings and evenings. It’s a great thing! I also worked in the main lodge’s gift shop to earn a bit of cash. My husband worked in the camp store of a more remote part of the park called Two Medicine, which happens to be our favorite place in the entire park.

Glacier National Park is a magical place and I feel blessed to have been able to spend a summer there, living life and exploring God’s creation. And I got to do all of this with my husband. In fact, if it were not for his love of this part of the world, I might never have really known about it at all! 

If I could spend today in Glacier National Park, here is what I would do…
My husband and I would wake very early in the morning. We would rent a boat and enjoy the sunrise on Two Medicine Lake. Then we would stop in at the camp store for a quick breakfast. After relaxing a bit, we would do this great hike called Scenic Point in the same area, eat a packed lunch at the top and take in the beautiful view. After hiking back down we would drive the Going to the Sun Road, stop in at Logan’s Pass and do the short hike to Hidden Lake. We would finish driving the Going to the Sun road to the other side of the park, drive to Whitefish for dinner at the greatest restaurant ever: Mambo Italiano’s. We would meet up with our good friend Katie here and enjoy a meal. We would drive back to the park, hang out and play cards in Glacier Lodge, then go to Serrano’s, this amazing little Mexican restaurant, for party nachos. Then we’d camp under the star-filled sky and revel in our wonderful day and thank God that there are places on earth like Glacier National Park.
Hiking to Scenic Point.

Oh, to be there again!

Here is a list of some of the other great stuff to check out in Glacier National Park, if you ever visit…

Going to the Sun Road: Drive it! It’s amazing. You will not regret it. 

Lodges: There are quite a few historic lodges throughout the park. Take the time to stop in and learn more about the history of the park. They also often have warm fires going in the fireplaces. They make great places to cozy up after a long hike.