Tuesday, January 10, 2012

the kindness of others

On the way to Illinois to visit dear friends of ours this past weekend, my car’s windshield had an unfortunate meeting with a large piece of concrete, spewed carelessly from a rotating cement truck on a busy highway in Cincinnati. Besides the initial fear caused by the large thwunk of concrete hitting glass and a series of splintered, spidering cracks at the bottom of the windshield, both my husband and I recovered quickly and our little car kept chugging along. We called our insurance company and found out that, with a $500 deductible, if we wanted a new windshield the money to pay for it would have to come entirely from our savings account. The total cost quoted to us was $338.95, a rather large sum for a couple trying hard to save money.

But we went on with our trip and enjoyed visiting with our friends very much.

Yesterday, back at work, the auto glass company sent a technician to the parking lot of the building where I work to replace the broken windshield with a nice, new, clean and shiny one. Unfortunately, they brought the wrong model and left me for another night with a glass spider spread across the bottom of the windshield. But before leaving work I received a voicemail from the manager of the auto glass company apologizing for the mix up and informing me that she worked some magic and changed my work order in one way or another so that the total cost of the new windshield would be $294.58 instead of $338.95. What a savings! I immediately called her back to thank her for helping us out and she replied that since they mixed up the work order, it was the least she could do. She assured me that she knows that every little bit counts.

I went home last night, glancing occasionally at the cracks in the windshield, feeling that incredible hope and warmth one feels after re-realizing that people are inherently good and helpful. I felt blessed and thankful for this woman’s kindness and thoughtfulness.  She did not have to look into my work order and find a loophole that saves us $44.37. But she did, and I am grateful.

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