Friday, February 3, 2012

the last frontier


My husband graduates this May after studying for three years to become a school counselor. He is currently in the midst of Praxis tests, internships, and the very beginnings of job searches. My role in all of this is cheerleader and supportive partner. We talk a lot about where we will be living and what we will be doing in the next year. It is both an exciting and rather overwhelming time. Although Pittsburgh, with wonderful friends and family close, has become our home, we are also up for an adventure, at least for a few years before we start a family. And one of the places we have discussed adventuring is Alaska.

Yes, Alaska, the largest of the fifty states, but also one of the least populated—beautiful, rugged, barren, and raw. My husband and I love the mountains and remote places, wilderness and small towns. Neither of us has been to Alaska before, and perhaps it really is just a pipedream, but the idea of living in Alaska for a year or two strikes us as a fun adventure. Who knows if it will happen, or if it is a good idea. And who knows if the time comes we will be daring enough to make the move. But life in Alaska is worth looking into, and dreaming about. After all, who wouldn’t want to experience life here for awhile…