Wednesday, February 1, 2012

NYRC results

Back in early January I wrote a post on the day I started Leslie Sansone's New Years Resolution Challenge. The 21-day challenge required me to workout 6 days a week, for three weeks, and walk a total of 63 miles. Here's how I did...

Week One:
January 9: 5 miles (after work)
January 10: 3 miles (before work)
January 11: 3 miles (before work)
January 12: 2 miles (before work)
January 13: 3 miles (before work)
January 14: day off

After Week One I felt pretty good about this challenge. I walked more miles than necessary and felt great. I was able to wake up before work to exercise four days out of five. I noticed that my energy level remained high throughout the day. And I believe I lost 1 lb. as a result, which is a great added bonus!

Week Two:
January 15: 4 miles (in the morning)
January 16: 3 miles (before work)
January 17: 3 miles (before work)
January 18: 3 miles (before work)
January 19: 3 miles (before work)
January 20: day off
January 21: 4 miles (in the morning)
January 22: 5 miles (in the morning)

Week Two was great! I got into a good rhythm waking up early to work out and I actually went to bed excited about it. I usually woke up dreading it, however, but I still got up and exercised. Week Three is looking a bit more overwhelming with longer workouts in the mix. Waking up early for these bigger workouts is feeling a bit harder.

Week Three:
January 23: 4 miles (after work)
January 24: 4 miles (before work)
January 25: day off
January 26: 5 miles (after work)
January 27: day off
January 28: 4 miles (in the morning)
January 29: 5 miles (in the morning)

Week Three did not go as well as I hoped at its beginning. I had a really hard time waking up Wednesday morning (the 25th) to workout. I think it was because Week Three was all 4 and 5 miles workouts, which are somewhat intimidating, especially in the morning when I often feel tight and tired. But I finished off the week strong, moved a few days around to get all of the total miles in (using some of those extra miles from Week One), and...Voila!!! New Years Resolution Challenge completed!

Now I am hoping to put into practice my own workout routine, waking up an hour early in the morning to exercise. I am hoping to exercise Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings, probably about 3 miles each, then add Saturday on the weekends for longer workouts of 4 or 5 miles that take extra time. I am excited to get into this routine. I have really enjoyed having my evenings free of exercise so that I can spend more time with my husband, and I am so close to being one of those cool morning exercisers!


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