Saturday, February 11, 2012

the truth is out there

Have I mentioned yet how much I enjoy the 90s television show The X-Files? I never expected to one day write or say these words, but it’s true: I love The X-Files!

When the show was airing new episodes I was too young to watch. My parents wouldn’t have even considered letting me stay up to watch a show with so much paranormal content. I certainly don’t blame them. And I wouldn’t have wanted to watch anyway. The commercials were disturbing, and the idea of aliens scared me to death! Even Steven Spielberg’s friendly extraterrestrial ET gave me the creeps.

I forgot about The X-Files until college when I found out that the same guys who played video games late into the night and rarely came out of their rooms also watched old episodes of The X-Files as a hobby. What a strange interest, I thought.

Then I met my husband, a book-loving, friendly, and reasonably normal person who also happened to be an X-Files junky. He often watched them late at night, by himself in his dorm room. He assured me that it was a quality show with excellent writing and amazing characters. Yeah sure, I thought. Then about two years ago he convinced me to watch the very first episode with him. I rolled my eyes and said that, no offense, but The X-Files was a show mainly for nerds and paranoid weirdos.

Well, call me a nerd or a paranoid weirdo. After the first episode I was hooked!

It really is an incredibly creative and well-made show. The writing is brilliant and the characters are brought to life by excellent actors. They are FBI agents Mulder and Scully, assigned to work together on the X-Files, which are unsolved cases concerning the paranormal. The show follows their search for “the truth” in the midst of an international government conspiracy which you learn more and more about as the seasons progress. I love how the show is both entertaining and intellectually stimulating at the same time.

As long as the paranormal doesn’t bother you too much, I highly recommend this television show. It’s intellectual, creative, suspenseful, well-written and well-acted, and even fun.

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