Monday, April 23, 2012

hindsight, librarianship, and career plans

Recently I have been contemplating the idea of becoming a school librarian. I am a librarian already, but unfortunately I am not certified to work in public schools. I considered school librarianship two and a half years ago when I began my first semester of classes at the University of Pittsburgh’s library and information science school. At the time I thought taking more generalized classes would allow me the freedom of applying for jobs in a variety of libraries, including academic, public, and special, but not those in schools. Now I kind of wish I had just taken the required courses and suffered through the extra semester so that I could have graduated ready to be a school librarian.

Oh, the power of hindsight. 

But because I took the same core required courses as the students on the school librarian track, as well as two classes about children’s and young adult literature and resources, filling in the gaps might not be too terrible, although it means more schooling, more money, and more time. But it may be worth it in the long run, however, since school librarians, like teachers, tend to take home better salaries with excellent benefits. My husband and I would work the same schedule. And you cannot beat summers off! 

Yes, the idea of working with students, spending my days in a school, helping with research and writing and reading, devouring young adult literature, and being a friendly face around the school sounds wonderful! 

I suppose I must research a bit more and figure out if this is even a possibility. 

I rather hope it is. 

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