Wednesday, April 18, 2012

the magic of pets

Recently I have been craving the company of a pet. I grew up with dogs, cats, bunnies, and horses, so animals helped shape my young life. I learned early what big blessings our animal friends can be. They also taught me about responsibility, patience, and even mortality. I love hearing stories of cats who roam the halls of nursing homes putting smiles on the faces of the elderly, and dogs who risk their lives to save the people they love.
My husband’s grandmother tells us that when her husband, who never especially liked animals, was in a nursing home shortly before his passing a group of people with a puppy walked up to him and asked if he would like to hold the little ball of fur. My husband’s grandfather said no, but the group brushed off his reply and plopped the puppy into his lap anyway. He couldn’t help but smile.

I remember the comfort our gray and white spotted cat offered when I stayed home sick from school. He seemed to just know when we felt bad. On those days he jumped onto the couch with us and curled up in our laps, not moving until we pushed him away to get up. On those days he attempted to nurse us back to health with his presence.

My sister mourned the death of our second dog, a scruffy barn collie, for years. She loved him so much that she never truly warmed to our third dog. And there were many nights when she fell asleep crying, holding a picture of the dog she missed so much. He infected her heart. She loved him.

Pets are wonderful. And I miss having an animal companion, a quiet presence at home. Unfortunately our current housing situation prohibits pets. Animals also cost a bit of money and since we’re trying our best to save, adopting a pet seems an extravagance we just can’t afford right now. But every now and again my husband and I chat about the idea. We wonder what our first pet will be—a cat, a dog? What breed? I have always wanted a greyhound or a corgi, but my husband has his heart set on a chocolate lab. I suppose we have some time to think about it.

Do you have any wonderful pet memories? 

Do you have a dream pet?

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