Tuesday, April 3, 2012

me and my pink guitar

Fender DGA-1 Pink Acoustic Guitar

During the summer between my sophomore and junior years in college I bought a guitara pink guitar. It's a Fender. The guy who sold it to me said it was a great starter instrument. And I certainly was a starter. I bought it because I missed being musical. After all, the majority of my life revolved around music. Throughout elementary, middle, and high school I sang, acted, and played clarinet, baritone, and the valved trombone. So my purchase of this pink guitar was an extension of a yearning to be musical again.
And as I look at it now, having never really acquainted myself with it, I feel the same yearning. I miss being musical.  I miss that expression of creativity and self. I want to get to know this guitar, for real.
So I am making a goal for myself. It's a loose goal. There's no deadline or guidelines. But I want to learn to play the guitarthis pink guitar, at least well enough to strum along with my husband when he plays.
And who knows, maybe I'll end up becoming a great musician (a girl can dream, right?) I can see it nowjust me and my pink guitar, sitting on a bare stage, surrounded by people sipping coffee, just making music. Or maybe I'll just sit with my husband in our living room, strumming along, sharing music. I'd be content with that too.

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