Monday, April 16, 2012

the next step

My husband and I contemplate the next year of our lives a lot these days. We wonder where we’ll end up living, what we’ll end up doing. With the abundance of possibilities, based mostly on where my husband can find a good job after graduating in May, our future looks exciting, but blurry too.  

Will we remain in our little basement apartment outside of Pittsburgh, or will we find ourselves in the backwoods of West Virginia, the familiar village where I grew up, or on the West coast somewhere? We are excited to finally know, and I am beginning to find waiting patiently for all of the details to fall into place harder and harder with each passing day. But wait we do, and wait we will.

Each new opportunity that presents itself to us brings with it pros and cons. One of the cons about moving anywhere is that I will have to leave my job as a librarian and search for a new one. And in many areas librarian positions are few and far between. This has prompted me to think beyond librarianship as a possible source of income, and so I brainstorm—what else can I do?

As my husband and I discussed the prospect of a new job for me in the future, he pulled a few career surveys from his school counseling activities arsenal. We determined that I need a job that allows me to be creative and work independently. I also prefer work that supports my morals and values. I like to believe in the work I am doing. That is important to me. 

So here are a few of my thoughts and ideas…

1) Take up grant writing. As an undergraduate student I studied English, concentrating on writing. My writing skills may be a bit rusty, but recently I have been itching to hone and use them again, for more than just blogging. I would like to take a class or attend a seminar on grant writing to learn more about this skill, and it’s probably a tough field in which to get started, but I think this may be a niche within the writing world where I can find a place to use what I know.

2) Make jewelry, greeting cards, and other crafts. I have always wanted to sell my own creations. This would most likely be a very part-time venture, but a very fun one. To test it out I plan on setting up a small space in my mother’s used furniture and antique store to sell handcrafted earrings and greeting cards. If I can make a bit of extra money creating and designing, boy, would I be happy!

3) Blog, blog, blog. I’m not sure how professional blogging works, but perhaps one day I can find a company with a mission I care about that needs a writer to update a blog each day or week. 

4) Become an editor. I once considered working in the publishing world as an editor. I have always enjoyed picking apart the details of language and questioning the many parts of literary pieces. Because I have little experience actually working as an editor I would probably have to start small. But I’m willing to start small. 

Ideally I would like to be a librarian, at least part-time. I would also like to create and sell jewelry and crafts. And writing on the side might be a great option for a little extra cash and some great writing experience for future projects. As much as I will miss my current job whenever I have to say goodbye, whether that be in a few months or a few years, I look forward to the next adventure. Who knows what I will be doing a year from now!

Any fun suggestions for future possible jobs?

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