Thursday, May 17, 2012

dance break


A few nights ago as I climbed into my car to leave work for the day I spotted a young boy break-dancing on the sidewalk. Dressed in a baggy white tee-shirt and one of those flat-brimmed hats, he moved effortlessly along the cement, channeling Michael Jackson and the power of that long-ago white glove. I watched for a few minutes from the front seat of my car as this boy displayed his talents to the empty street. He was self-assured and unashamed, unaware of the possibility of spying eyes. He was lost in his own world, moving to a beat and a rhythm the rest of us forget about in the monotonous chaos of the daily grind. 

It reminded me that individuals with hidden talents walk around in this world every day, unbeknownst to us. It reminded me that if we silence the chaos of the daily grind and watch and listen and look into the eyes of those around us instead, perhaps we can see the God-given talents and incredible gifts of others that make each of us so unique. Perhaps if we push away the daily grind which so often forces us deep inside ourselves and instead rest in the silence and aim to know our fellow human beings, we might also hear the beat and rhythm of life and find that we can break-dance around this world together.

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