Monday, June 4, 2012

amid the busy-ness


Unfortunately, writing for my blog has been pushed to the way side amid the busy-ness of applying for new jobs, seeking out places to live in the Martinsburg, WV area, enjoying the weather, and trying to spend some wonderful, relaxing time with my husband.

We have our books packed in boxes and our closets cleaned out and ready to stuff into suitcases. This moving thing is getting more and more real.

It's strange how frequently my emotions change regarding this new chapter, this upcoming transition in our lives. After leaving our good friends' apartment following a fun night of conversation, or when we say goodbye after an afternoon with family members we are leaving in Pittsburgh, I feel the sadness that distance between loved ones can bring. We worry about finding new friends. The familiarity of this place where we have lived for three years will no longer be home, and the prospect of finding new familiar places feels daunting and intimidating at times.

But we are very excited about this next step. We daydream about our next apartment and getting to know a new town, then calling it home. We look forward to the adventure of new jobs and the next steps in our evolving careers. Being closer to our families will be wonderful, and we look forward to seeing our moms and dads and siblings more often.

Living in a paradox of emotions can be tiring, but the one thing my husband keeps reminding me of is this: We have each other. We are partners in this, and everything. And we can do it. 

It's going to be an adventure, that's for sure.

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