Friday, July 20, 2012

wild and wonderful

I miss camping.

I have been reminiscing about all of the camping trips my husband and I enjoyed together when we lived out in Glacier National Park the summer between college and graduate school. It was so fun to, on a whim, pack up, secure a camp site tucked away in a bunch of trees, and spend the evening cooking around a campfire. We slept with the sounds of wind and wildlife just outside the tent. It was always cold, even in July and August, so we wore full clothing and wrapped ourselves in sleeping bags and lots of blankets. We’d wake up early to bright sunshine and crisp air and pass other groggy campers on our way to the bathrooms. Sometimes we’d go on a hike after breakfast. Other times we just packed up and returned to our dormitories near the lodge. Either way, it was always refreshing to get away and rest with nature for awhile.

WV State Map With Park Locations

One of the perks of moving to West Virginia is its abundance of outdoor recreation options. There are quite a few state parks and forests, and my husband and I are excited to explore what West Virginia has to offer when it comes to camping and hiking. 

I think Blackwater Falls and Lost River sound fun!

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