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Before we got married my husband and I decided that for our first year of marriage we would have no cable or internet flowing into our apartment. We did this mostly to save money, but also in an attempt to live more simply and rid our lives of unneeded distractions. When we announced this to our friends and families we were often met by stunned expressions and worried inquiries.

“Are you sure you can do that? Are you sure you want to do that?!”

“How will you handle not having cable or internet?!”


“What will you do?!”

We continue to gather these reactions. This announcement surprises people.

But I have to tell you, it has proven to be a great decision. Instead of sitting idly for hours in front of the TV (which I admit I used to do), we play games, Chris does homework, I craft or read, or we go to the public library, which is also where we access the internet. When we do crave television, we borrow seasons of our favorite shows from the library or watch movies that we own. We discuss our days together and find ourselves engaging in surprising conversations. Amazingly, we are surviving -- thriving even!

I understand that in this technology and media-saturated culture, living without cable and internet might not be an option. But I encourage you to find more face time with the ones you love, and if technology is getting in the way, do something about it. The benefits are rewarding!


  1. I love this. We don't have cable either, although we couldn't pull the internet plug and definitely spend a lot of time online. I do miss TV sometimes, but I love the freeing feeling of not having it. Three cheers for you, making this bold move! (It's much cheaper too, isn't it?)

  2. It's been a breath of fresh air for us, and we love how much money we save. We're hoping to pay off our loans as quickly as possible in the next few years, so having no cable bill is a helpful start!

  3. Brittany, I did not realize it was you! So glad I figured it out. I am now a follower of your blog as well :) Hope you're doing well!


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