seedling prayers


When I finally decided to create a blog I worried about having enough to write, about finding time to type out my thoughts (thank goodness for lunch breaks and the ability to schedule posts) and about putting my thoughts and emotions out there for the world (or a few faithful readers) to see. I also found myself quite indecisive about what to call my blog. I love names. And I believe a good name can make all the difference. So I took my good ol' time picking out just the right name for my blog. I wanted it to represent me well, to represent this current chapter in my life. 

I wrestled with Seedling Prayers for a few days, wondering if it sounded too much like one of those badly written devotionals that arrive free in the mail at church. You know, just a little too sweet, too wholesomenot real. But after a few days of thinking and whispering the syllables to myself, I decided I liked it. I decided to name my blog Seedling Prayers.

I like this name because it represents where I am in life—right now. I am growing: I am growing up, growing into my roles as a wife, as a librarian, as a woman, as a Christian. I am growing in my faith. I am growing as a reader, a writer, a person. I am growing, and in many directions. But I am small, like a seedling. I have just barely sprouted into this world and I am growing slowly. I pray that I will continue to grow. 

At this time in my life my prayers are also small, like a seedling. I have been working for awhile now through what has been called perhaps a mid-faith crisis. I am questioning, doubting, learning, hoping, praising, asking, and accepting. For me, writing is a way of processing these things, of extending them into the written word and world. Writing is a way of processing my prayers too.

Seedling Prayers. I think it fits. And it grows on me the more I blog. 

Pun intended.


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